Our recyclable, PVC-free training mat made of sustainable TPE Rubber provides comfort and durability for core and stability workouts with a non-slip surface, offered in 180 x 62 cm dimensions, 10 mm thickness, and available with or without eyeholes, all packaged in eco-friendly recycled cardboard.



Our training mat is made of recyclable and PVC-free TPE Rubber, a sustainable material that provides quality and durability. It offers comfort and stability for core workouts and strength training, featuring a non-slip surface and optional eyeholes, and comes in a black color, packaged in recycled cardboard boxes.



Our eco-friendly yoga mat, made from recyclable PVC-free TPE Rubber, guarantees quality and durability. It’s perfect for enhancing balance, stability, and mindfulness with its non-slip surface. Measuring 180 x 62 cm and 6 mm thick, it comes in our iconic dusty green color and eco-friendly recycled cardboard packaging.

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