Rower H2OAr

Looking for a true rowing experience? The H2OAr truly reproduces a realistic on-water rowing sensation.


Reference: 20538
  • Since 1991
  • CE certified
  • Ergonomic design
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Rower H2OAr


Reference: 20538
  • Since 1991
  • CE certified
  • Ergonomic design
Tax included
Technical specifications


Variable water mass





Max user limit

150 kg

Dimensions ( L x W x H)

213 x 52 x 93 cm


49 kg


CE/EN ISO 20957

Transport wheels

Wireless Hr Transmission



If you’re looking for an indoor rowing workout that most accurately replicates the feeling of rowing in the open water, the H2OAr water rower is for you. Out of all indoor rowing machines, water rowers are the best at reproducing a realistic on-water rowing sensation. The stroke cycles hold true to the dynamics of real paddling and each stroke is punctuated with a satisfying splash. The sights and sounds of water create a real Zen-like rowing experience.

The main benefit of the H2OAr Rower is its variable resistance that adapts to user effort. The faster you row, the more challenging the resistance will be. The H2OAr Rower works by moving paddles which are housed in a water tank, creating a ‘water flywheel’. When you pull on the handlebar, the paddles push the water. It’s much like rowing on water: the water resistance naturally rises and falls. The more intensely you row, the higher the resistance. The resistance is 100% user-controlled.

The centerpiece of this model is the vertically positioned watertank system achieving 18% more resistance than the traditional horizontal models. The H2OAr is designed to provide enough challenge for most trainees, from novices to advanced rowers.


The H20Ar water rower is extremely well equipped for the price. The performance monitor displays important variables like speed, distance, time, strokes, calories burned and also features target settings as well as a race program.

Wireless 5 Khz connectivity allows for accurate heart rate recording, and the H20Ar is compatible with the Kinomap App.

• Dimensions: L212 x W51 x H93 cm.
• Standing storage to save space while not in use.
• Certified in accordance with Class H, ISO-20957 standards.

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