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Elliptical Xc-190

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The compact trainer XC-190: a ZERO IMPACT ELLIPTICAL that burns double calories!


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The XC-190 combines a zero-impact elliptical exercise with the ability to walk or jog without impacting the joints. This kit offers excellent benefits for your training session.

With the XC-190 elliptical, you can practice one of the most complete exercises. In addition, this type of exercise is extremely effective for working legs and glutes. The main advantage lies in its silent magnetic resistance. This Two Stage Drive system creates a great feeling of inertia. And the higher transmission ratio offers a smooth forward and backward motion.

The XC-190 elliptical trainer has a reinforced structure that offers great stability even when working at an intense pace. Train with total security. The pedals, extremely wide and non-slip, guarantee secure support. The stride is 54 cm which minimizes stress, tension on the joints and adapts easily and quickly to your movements.

Equipped with a very narrow Q factor (internal distance between the pedals) of 5 cm, the elliptical cross trainer XC-190 offers an optimal comfort. You can use this elliptical for walking and jogging, making this trainer a great alternative to low impact treadmills.

The levelers at the base allow to adjust the machine on the irregularities of the ground, offering a total stability, and the integrated wheels help you to move the machine when you finished your work-out.

Compact: The XC-190 is a space-saver. Its’ footprint takes less than 156 x 61 cm.


The LCD console allows 4 users to configure their individual profiles based on age, gender, weight and size. This data is then used by the computer to calibrate the feedback provided, such as time, distance, diet, calories burned, and effort expended.

There’s a selection of pre-set workouts on this trainer, with 4 beginner, 4 advanced and 4 performance ones to suit varied fitness levels and allow you to progress to harder levels as your fitness improves.

This elliptical also offers 32 levels of resistance, ‘My Zone’ HR programming, Continuous Watt runs, adjustable in 5-Watt interval steps, and a customizable user program. The XC-190 uses Bluetooth 4.0 for more accurate recording.

The Upper Body Workout on the XC-190 is also quite impressive. To train the upper body and the abs at the same time, the XC-190 features a dual action multigrip handlebar. This allows you to comfortably grab different positions to focus on the different muscles of the upper body and trunk.

The XC-190 offers optional wireless Bluetooth 4.0 for accurate heart rate recording.

Compatible with Kinomap. This fitness app uses Google Map© data, including syncing the incline and decline and give you access to any spot in the world in the comfort of your home.

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