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Revolutionize your workout routine with the Airun-Z: The foldable treadmill for a realistic, challenging run.


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Airun-Z foldable treadmill: Your ultimate running buddy

The best running experience at home

Looking for a foldable treadmill for a realistic outdoor running experience? Look no further than the Airun-Z. With its reinforced frame, extra-wide running surface and orthopedic treadmill, the Airun-Z offers the perfect balance of shock absorption and ground surface. In addition, the Progressive Shock Absorption system absorbs more than 40% of the running impact, sparing your knees, ankles and joints.

Some advantages:

  • Reinforced frame for stability and durability
  • Extra wide and long running surface for a comfortable running experience
  • Progressive shock absorption system
  • LED console provides continuous feedback on all training data
  • 12 pre-programmed courses and 3 user-defined programs for a customizable workout
  • Compatible with the optional Bluetooth Activity Tracker (20462)
  • Foldable design for easy storage and transportation


Customizable features and programs

This treadmill offers 12 pre-programmed courses, including weight loss, 5 km running, hill climbing, 2 HR programs and 3 user-defined programs. In addition, the LED console provides continuous feedback on all training data. This includes speed, elapsed time, distance covered, calories burned, incline, 400m laps run and heart rate.

User-friendly monitor

The Airun-Z’s user-friendly monitor offers effective programs that challenge you to excel and keep you on track to reach your personal fitness goals. You can save your workout profiles to get even more out of your treadmill. The monitor is compatible with the optional Bluetooth Activity Tracker (20462).

Solid equipment for frequent running

The folding treadmill Airun-Z is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent running and maintain its value for years to come. With a user weight of up to 130 kg and an incline/decline function, this treadmill is a rock-solid piece of equipment. Plus, the 2 motors that operate the incline and decline functions give you the necessary freedom to customize. Experience your runs to what you’re used to doing outside.

Apps to elevate your running experience

Are you tired of running the same routes every day? Do you want to take your indoor runs to the next level? Look no further than customizable running apps like Kinomap. With Kinomap, you have access to endless routes all over the world, giving you a more realistic running experience from the comfort of your own home.

But that’s not all – Kinomap also syncs the incline and decline feature with the chosen route, making it feel like you’re actually running outdoors. With just a few clicks, you can select or create a route, press start, and follow the map at your own pace.

If you really want to take your indoor runs to the next level! Download a Kinomap video and follow along with the live streaming video. You can immerse yourself in stunning landscapes while running, providing a truly unique and exciting running experience. Don’t settle for boring indoor runs – elevate your workout with customizable running apps like Kinomap.

Not what you were looking for? Check out the starter foldable treadmill Airun-C for at home.

“Make the Airun-Z your go-to foldable treadmill for a realistic outdoor running experience.”

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