Speedbike Pro-1 | Indoor bike

Unparalleled style: Get Ready to Pedal Hard with the Speedbike Pro-1 Indoor Bike with Zwift


Reference: 20534
  • Since 1991
  • CE certified
  • Ergonomic design
Tax included

Speedbike Pro-1 | Indoor bike


Reference: 20534
  • Since 1991
  • CE certified
  • Ergonomic design
Tax included
Technical specifications


Manual tension, top brake

Adjustable handlebar

Adjustable seat position






Max user limit

150 kg

Flywheel set

22 kg

Dimensions ( L x W x H)

125 x 53 x 124 cm


56 kg


CE/EN 957 Class H

Emergency stop

Transport wheels

Drive system

Poly V-belt

Wireless Hr Transmission

Via heart rate monitor (optional)




Bluetooth 4.0 compatibel


Are you ready to take your Speedbike workouts to the next level with Zwift?

Look no further than the Speedbike Pro-1 indoor bike. With impeccable construction and advanced features, this spinning bike is designed to give you a smooth, safe and intensive workout experience.

Some advantages:

  • Sturdy construction with support legs for uneven floors
  • Wireless heart rate function
  • Training computer with display of various parameters
  • Precise resistance control
  • Emergency stop
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with Kinomap and Zwift


Its impeccable construction, advanced features and compatibility with Kinomap and Zwift make it the perfect choice for an intensive workout experience.

Impeccable Construction for Stability

The Speedbike Pro-1 features a triangular frame that provides extra stability and resistance to high forces. Equipped with four micro-adjustable independent adjustment supports, the bike levels easily on uneven floors. Plus, the adjustable saddle and handlebars ensure ergonomic comfort during your workout.

Smooth and Safe Cycling

The one-touch braking system and emergency stop makes cycling on the Speedbike Pro-1 safe and smooth. The resistance is displayed accurately on the training computer, which also shows parameters such as time, training speed, distance, calories, and RPM. The wireless heart rate function through optional heartrate monitor with chest strap allows you to monitor your heart rate and optimize your training for maximum results.

Advanced Features for Intensive Workouts

The bottom bracket and crankset are designed from strong material, making the Speedbike Pro-1 ready to handle greater forces. The 22 kg flywheel and V-belt drive ensure quality movements, while the pedals with a larger platform and adjustable straps assure you a good pedaling motion. The built-in protective cover over the flywheel keeps you safe during your workout.

Speedbike compatible with Zwift and Kinomap

The Speedbike Pro-1 is compatible with Kinomap and Zwift, allowing you to select routes on which to cycle and make your indoor cycling experience more exciting.

Who is the Speedbike Pro-1 Suitable for?

The Speedbike Pro-1 is perfect for those who are ready to pedal hard and take their cycling workouts to the next level. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, this indoor bike provides a stable, safe and intensive workout experience.

” Get ready to pedal like a pro with the Speedbike Pro-1 indoor bike and Zwift “

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